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    Food is how I give and receive love.  In 2016 after 21 years of living in heavy drug & alcohol addiction I was given the gift of sobriety. 1 year into my sobriety I was given another gift, custody of my daughters. As the 3 of us entered into a new life together lots of things started to change. Food became how we celebrated each other, dealt with emotional pain, and creating in the kitchen became my space of calm.  
    Plant based eating was part of this transition. A little while after I changed my eating habits my oldest teenage daughter did the same. My youngest teenage daughter enjoys a carnivore lifestyle, while advocating on how good plant based food can be. What I have learned about eating this way is, you have to keep “emergency” food in your car, eat before you go out and be ok with fries and a side salad as your only restaurant option. 
    As I started to look at the plant based food category as a whole, I quickly realized no one was manufacturing premium, direct comparison, gluten free/vegan bakery products for the national market place.                                      "That was my aha moment!"
    Welcome to Third Nature Culinary Innovation. We are changing the way people eat with inclusive products that everyone can enjoy and no one can tell are gluten free or vegan.

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